Let’s play at Yoshida Tourism Farm!

Yoshida Tourism Farm

Yoshida Tourist Farm is a tourist farm with good transportation. From Sapporo city center it can be reached by car in 10 minutes.

From spring to autumn, you can enjoy a park golf at the 36 hole park golf course. Enjoy winter sports in the winter with snowmobiles and snow tubes!

KEN ‘s Cafe in the premises prepares the attentive meal throughout the year. We also have BBQ facilities. The specialty is a yakiniku cuisine made with mutton called “Genghis Khan”. Please come once for making memories in Hokkaido!

Park golf

Yoshida Tourism Farm ark golf

Park golf is a sport similar to putter golf and was invented in Japan. Since playing with only one club, you can play more easily than golf.

Park golf is easy to remember how to play rules and play, even beginners can play easily, and it is also possible to leave the course from the beginning.

Yoshida Tourist Farm has a 36-hole park golf course. For the playing fee, the price for 4 hours is 800 yen, the day ticket can be used from 8:30 to 17:00 and the price is 1,000 yen. There is preparation of rental club, so there is nothing to prepare in advance. Rental club fee is 300 yen.

The staff will teach clearly how to play the park golf and rules. We are waiting for you to enjoy park golf.

Genghis Khan

Yoshida Tourism Farm Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan is a regional dish representing Hokkaido. Among the Japanese barbecues, those using lamb is called Genghis Khan.

On Yoshida Tourist Farm you can eat delicious Genghis Khan with a simple set fee. The set fee is 1,300 yen, which includes sausages and vegetables besides lamb.

Alcohol and rice are available at extra fee. There are beer, sake, whiskey and shochu for sake. Rice uses high-quality “Nanatuboshi” rice from Hokkaido.

To eat Genghis Khan requires two or more people of the reservation. Please contact us.

KEN’s Cafe

Yoshida Tourism Farm KEN's Cafe

KEN’s Cafe is a facility where you can have a light meal at Yoshida Tourist Farm.

We can eat croquette set meal and dumpling set meal, curry rice and ramen. In addition to meals, you can drink alcohol, juice, coffee. Please use for break and lunch.


menu price(Japanese yen)
Croquette set meal (3 croquettes) 550
Croquette set meal (4 croquettes) 670
Dumplings set meal (6 dumplings) 550
Dumplings set meal (9 dumplings) 650
Curry rice 500
Soba or Udon 400
Soft cream 350
Coffee 400
Coffee (with meal) 200
iced coffee 400
Bottled beer 600
Other alcohols 400

Winter activities

Yoshida Tourism Farm Winter activities

Hokkaido is also known for its high snowfall in winter. The park golf course boasting of Yoshida Tourist Farm is closed when snow falls, but instead we prepare winter activities instead.

There is a course that you can experience snowy running in snowmobiles. Snow rafting is an activity to enjoy on a rubber boat towed by a snowmobile, there is a thrill and it is a lot of fun. There is also a snow tube which slides on the slope with a large rubber tube, and you can enjoy the winter of Hokkaido safely.

About location and contact information

Yoshida Tourist Farm

Ishiyama, Minami-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido

TEL 11-593-3300

(First press your country’s exit code, then Japan’s country code “81”, then press “11-593-3300”).
Example: To call from the United States, press “011-81-11-593-3300”.